Actraiser renaissance

Aerial Assault (Master System)

Aggelos (switch)

Aladdin (Master System)

Aleste (saga)

Alundra (ps1)

A plague tale innocence (ps4)

assassin's creed (saga)

Asterix (Master System)

Astro warrior & Pit pot (Master System)

Axelay (snes) 

Bloodstained : curse of the moon 2 (switch)

Bomber Raid (Master System)

Breath of fire 3 (ps1)

Call of duty (ps2)

Castlevania (ps2)

Castlevania Chronicles (ps1)

Chrono cross (ps1)

Cocoro (famicom)

Comical Machine Gun Joe (Master System)

Contra (famicom)

Crash Bandicoot (ps1)

Cuphead (multi)

Cyberpunk 2077 (ps4)

Devil may cry saga (ps2)

Diablo II resurrected

Diddy kong racing (N64)

Disney Hercule (ps1)

Dune (dossier)

Elden Ring

E-swat (Master System)

FC Genjin (Famicom)

Fight'n rage (switch)

Final Fantasy (ps1)

Final fantasy (ps2)

Final Fantasy XVI (ps5)

Final soldier (pc engine)

Gambare Goemon 2 (super famicom)

Gargoyle's Quest (Game Boy)

Gargoyle's Quest II (Nes)

Ghost' n goblins remastered

God of war (ps2)

Golden Axe warrior (Master System)

Gradius (arcade)

Gran Tourismo (ps1)

Grandia (ps1)

Gunbird (ps2)

Heart of darkness (ps1)

Hogwart's legacy

Hollow knight (multi)

Hotshot racing (switch)

Icewind Dale (pc)

Ico (ps2)

Immortal fenyx rise (ps4/switch)

Jackie Chan (pc engine)

Jungle king (arcade)

Kaitei Daisensou (ps1)

Kiki kaikai (pc engine)

Kirby's dream land (game boy)

Klonoa (ps1)

Les chevaliers de Baphomet (ps1)

Les Schtroumpfs (Master System)

Lode runner (dossier)

Lomax (ps1)

Magical Chase (pc engine)

Mario et les lapins crétins - Sparks of hope (switch)

Maupiti island remake

Medievil (ps1)

Megaman (PS1)

Metal gear solid (ps1)

Metroid prime remastered (switch)

Micro mages (famicom)

Mother russia bleeds (multi)

Moto Racer (PS1)

Motor toon grand prix (PS1)


Nexzr (nec super cdrom)

Nightmare busters (snes)

Ninja Commando (neo geo)

Ninja Gaiden (saga)

Oddworld (ps1)

Outrun (arcade)

Override (pc engine)

Pajama Hero Nemo (famicom)

Panzer paladin(switch)

Parasite Eve 1 et 2 (ps1)

Parodius da ! (famicom)

PC denjin - punkic cyborg (pc engine)

PC Genjin (pc engine)

PC Genjin 2 (pc engine)

PC Genjin 3 (pc engine)

Power Strike (Master System)

Psychonauts (ps2)

Rambo 3 (megadrive)

Rapid Reload (PS1) 

Rastan (Master System)

Ratchet & Clank (ps2)

Rayman (ps1)

Rescue on fractalus (commodore 64)

Resident Evil (PS1)

Resident Evil (saga)

Ridge racer (ps1)

Rockin' Kats (nes)

Saiyuki Journey west (ps1)

Scramble spirits (Master System)

Secret ties (nes)

Seiken densetsu 3 (Super Famicom)

Shadow the hedgehog (ps2)

Shantae (saga)

Shienryu (Saturn)

Shikhondo soul eater (switch)

Shinobi (Master System)

Shubibinman (pc engine)

Sillent Hill (PS1)

Soldier Blade (pc engine)

Sonic (Master System)

Sonic Frontiers

Sonic origins

Sonic Wings special (Saturn)

Space adventures Cobra

Splatoon 2 (switch)

Spyro (PS1)

Stranger of paradise (ps4/ps5)

Streets of rage remake

Suikoden (ps1)

Super Mario Bros Wonder (switch)

Super Mario Kart (snes)

Super Mario RPG (switch)

Super Turrican 2 (snes)

Super star soldier (pc engine)

Tactics ogre reborn (switch)

Terra cresta II (pc engine)

Tetris Effect (ps4)

The adventures of Batman & Robin (megadrive)

The adventure of little Ralph (ps1)

The last of us saga (ps4)

The legendary axe 2 (pc engine)

The legend of zelda skyward sword hd (switch)

The legend of Zelda; tears of the kingdom (switch)

The magical quest starring Mickey Mouse (snes)

The messenger (switch)

The punisher (arcade)

Time commando (ps1)

TMNT : shredder's revenge (multi)

Tokuten ou (neo geo)

Tomb Raider (PS1)

Twin dragons (famicom)

Valfaris (switch)

Vandal hearts (ps1)

Vigilante (pc engine)

Wild Arms (PS1)

World of warcraft

Xenoblade (saga)

Xenogears (PS1)

X-men children of the atom (Saturn)

Yooka Laylee (switch)

Zero wing (megadrive)





Avatar, the way of water

Blade runner origins

Children of men


Freddy Krueger (dossier)

Gundam vs Macross (dossier)

House of the dragon

Howard the duck

Indiana Jones 5

Joe Dante (dossier)


L'attaque des titans

Le garçon et le héron

Matrix 4

Moon knight


Obi-wan Kenobi

Pixar (dossier)

Retour vers le futur

Rocky vs Drago


Shenmue, the animation

Star wars III

Tarantino (dossier)


Tetris, the movie

The Batman

The creator

The last of us

The mandalorian

The rings of power

The super Mario Bros movie

Tic et Tac, le film

Ulysse 31

Wednesday Addams